IMO 7 Tank


IMO Type 7 tank means a thermally insulated portable tank fitted with items of service and structural equipment necessary for the transport of refrigerated liquefied gases the portable tank should be capable of being transported, loaded and discharge without need of removal of its structural equipment, and shall be capable of being lifted when full it shall not be permanently secured on board the ship.

IMO 7 Tank are thermally insulated portable tank for the transport of refrigerated liquefied gases.


Possible Substances: Gases, liquefied by cooling (gases impossible to liquify at ambient temperature)
Steel Thickness: Double thickness. Vacuum isolation


Tank fittings must only be operated by a suitably qualified technician or operator who has in their possession the full details of:
1. The load status of the tank
2. The cargo
3. Whether the tank is under pressure or not

There are three main structural types of IMO7 tank container used in the international transport of bulk liquids and liquefied gases - beam, frame and collar. All designs can be top lifted, must be stackable and the pressure vessel barrel as well as all valves and other service equipment must remain within the ISO cover.


Contains cryogenic (very cold) materials
such as refrigerated gases like argon, oxygen, and helium.
Capacities range 4,000 to 5,000 gallons.
Remember that cryogenics must remain refrigerated.

Special Fittings:

Most tanks for liquids are heated by steam, water, electricity or insulation. Cooling equipment optional.


Cost effective fill, ship and unload
Minimal handling, flexible pipeline
Optimum safety, robust primary package
Immediate, low cost, secure storage
IMO7 tanks require less inventory cost since they are directly loaded from plant with no waiting time by utilizing regular sea line services.

IMO7 Tank Container:

Tanks are classified according to the specification of the tank shell and fittings. It is this classification which determines what type of product maybe carried. The function of the frame is to support and protect the tank as well as to facilitate the stowage, securing and handling by standard ISO container equipment. When properly handled, the frame is designed to cope with the stresses of a fully loaded tank.

Why is necessary to Operate the tank safely?

Product handling

The manufacturer of the product can be contacted for advice and information on the appropriate safety standards. Required protective clothing may consist of part or all of the following depending on the hazard. The safety of operatives, the general public and the environment depends upon the responsible operation of tanks and tank containers during loading, discharge, storage and transport. It is essential to ensure the following before loading or dispatching a tank container.
The tank is the correct type and in the proper mechanical condition 
The tank interior and exterior is suitably clean 
The gross weight is not exceeded 
The tank has correct marking and placarding          
All operations are competently supervised
The tank is filled correctly 
The gas or air supply is clean 

Why use IMO (Intermodal Tanks)?

Intermodal tanks have transformed the way companies allocate liquid bulk products to customers. They have enlarged the manufacturer's ability to participate in domestic and international markets. Intermodal tanks are by design one of the safest and simplest modes of containment and transportation available today.

Our Tanks are designed for your specific needs. Be it from water to Hazardous chemicals. Our tanks are manufactured according to worldwide certifications and adhere to all laws transporting your specific product.


Improved safety
Preservation of the environment
Cost effectiveness
The benefits of a multi-modal transport system: road/rail/sea
Door-to-door transportation reducing product handling and eliminating multi-transfer processes
Global acceptance



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